Cleethorpes Airshow

Went down to Cleethorpes seafront yesterday to watch the Red Arrows, what a display. Now I have never really tried to photograph airplanes (people and landscapes are more my thing!) 

For this type of work you could really use some speciality long lenses, but I wasn't about to spend 10k for a lens for a one off!

I cobbled together a long portrait lens (the excellent canon 70-200 2.8IS Mk2) with a x2 extender. I am not a big fan of this extender, I usually find the images a little too soft, and it really slows down the autofocus.....not good when the Red arrows are looping around at 4/500 Mph!!

Despite all this I got some good usable shots, not too bad for a first attempt. Got to say though, I don't think it will ever replace my love for people photography!


Not a red arrow I know, (its a Hurricane) :)

Also not a red arrow