Camden Market, real world review Sony RX100

I was down at Camden Market over the weekend, it’s jam packed with great opportunities for street photographers.

I used it as an opportunity to put the Sony RX100 through its places, and do a real world review.

Sony RX100.jpg

Coming from a big full frame DSLR the Sony RX100 feels tiny, it can fit in the palm of your hand and easily into a shirt pocket.

A lot of people will be using this camera as a back up to their more bulky DSLR’s and you will not be disappointed, it’s a camera that’s so small its easy to carry with you all the time.

It’s focus is quick enough to keep up with most situations, and I didn’t end up with many missed shots. It does have a habit of dropping its shutter speed  to just 1/30, which for me is a little slow, I would have preferred at least 1/60 as a bare minimum.

At the wide end the 24mm doesn’t feel as wide as my DSLR’s 24mm and I would have liked it to go a touch wider, but at F1.8 at the wide end it is very quick. For such a small camera its ISO performance is fantastic, no doubt helped by the big sensor they managed to cram in

In the end this camera is all about compromise, you are giving up a lot of features for just one benefit…..Size, and for the best quality in the smallest size, this camera is hard to beat.

Camden Market

Camden Market