Been a while...

Been a while, time to get back to posting! I had a trip to the Lake District, determined to take some Landscape shots, unfortunately thick fog set the saying goes if Life gives you Lemons make Lemonade, or in my case, Foggy Photos! 

Cleethorpes Airshow

Went down to Cleethorpes seafront yesterday to watch the Red Arrows, what a display. Now I have never really tried to photograph airplanes (people and landscapes are more my thing!) 

For this type of work you could really use some speciality long lenses, but I wasn't about to spend 10k for a lens for a one off!

I cobbled together a long portrait lens (the excellent canon 70-200 2.8IS Mk2) with a x2 extender. I am not a big fan of this extender, I usually find the images a little too soft, and it really slows down the autofocus.....not good when the Red arrows are looping around at 4/500 Mph!!

Despite all this I got some good usable shots, not too bad for a first attempt. Got to say though, I don't think it will ever replace my love for people photography!


Not a red arrow I know, (its a Hurricane) :)

Also not a red arrow

Pre Wedding & Engagements shoots in Grimsby

Had a good engagement photoshoot early this week at Cleethorpes boating lake with Callum & Sophie.

We all had a great time and everybody really enjoyed the shoot. I was lucky that the couple are both so photogenic which made my job very easy.

We started with feeding  a ducks, before moving on to re-enact the titanic scene on a wooden boat in the sandpit.

We then moved to the fields behind where some of the orchids were in flower, which made for a great setting for some more romantic shots. 

They were a great couple and I’d like to wish them both every happiness. Here are some pictures form the shoot.

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I have just posted up a slideshow of the finished Engagement book, you can find that here below: